We are still opening… takhtbhai.com was acquired in 2004, the initiative was aimed as a source of information for overseas tourists. Unfortunately, takhtbhai.com was lost during the bloody periods of war on terror anyway, as we resume. 
We can not do everything for Takht Bhai. For example, we can not publish daily news. However, what we can do.
  • discovering oldest references to Takht Bhai and its residents
  • covering different eras, religions, rulers and influential residents
  • reshaping digital engagement in the region
  • promoting innovation and creating job opportunities
  • supporting education irrespective of the gender
  • health and safety awareness
  • sports and athletes engagements
  • technology empower society, how technology used in Takht Bhai
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The Buddhist monastic complex of Takht-i-Bahi (Throne of Origins) was founded in the early 1st century. Owing to its location on the crest of a high hill, it escaped successive invasions and is still exceptionally well preserved.


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